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......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ else
# Check to see if the environment works
# Configuring the environment
After the environment is created, you can start up an interactive Jupyter notebook session through to check if the environment works.
......@@ -32,9 +32,7 @@ Under environment setup, specify
# Load required modules
module load cuda10.0/toolkit
module load Anaconda3
module load Anaconda3/2019.10
Under Extra jupyter arguments, specify
......@@ -43,11 +41,21 @@ Under Extra jupyter arguments, specify
For partition, specify
For partition, set partition to
for time up to 2 hours. Also make sure to specify the number of hours field to match. For up to 12 hours, the
partition can be used.
After the Jupyter notebook is started, click on the blue "Connect to Jupyter" button.
Once the Jupyter session is active, select the `slurm-2sql` notebook. Then change the kernel, via `Kernel->Change kernel->Python [conda env:.conda-slurm-ds]`
Verify the environment loaded correctly by running the first cell of the `slurm-2sql` notebook (with the library imports)
# Creating a text version of sacct output
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