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A yml and a set of instructions to build a functioning environment for the Research Computing
# clone this repo and update with the job composer
Copy and paste the following job script into a job composer job on
#SBATCH --partition=pascalnodes
#SBATCH --gres=gpu:1
#SBATCH --mem-per-cpu=4000
module load cuda10.0/toolkit
module load Anaconda3
if [ ! -d "$FOLDER" ] ; then
git clone "$URL" "$FOLDER"
conda env create -f /data/user/$USER/slurm-ds/environment-slurm-ds.yml
git pull "$URL"
conda env update -f /data/user/$USER/slurm-ds/environment-slurm-ds.yml
If we have to create a database from sacct
sacct -P -u $USER --starttime=2019-01-01 --format user,start,jobid,jobname,state,partition,maxrss,reqmem,reqcpus,node,nnodes,elapsed >> "$directoryToUse"group.db
# Check to see if the environment works
After the environment is created, you can start up an interactive Jupyter notebook session through to check if the environment works.
Under environment setup, specify
# Load required modules
module load cuda10.0/toolkit
module load Anaconda3
Under Extra jupyter arguments, specify
For partition, specify
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