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Convert to MATLAB function

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matlabbatch{1} = {'/data/scratch/kecannon/brainhack2018/raw_data/MPRAGE GRAPPA2/NIFTI/MPRAGE_GRAPPA2.nii'};
%%Individual job for a Cheaha node
%%script needs to be in ~/matlab/
function cheaha_vessels_segment(sub_dir, sub)
%Segment in SPM12 using modified TPMs, input should be a directory and a subject ID
%Add SPM12 and Nifti tools to the path
sub_folder = [sub_dir,'/',sub,'/'];
matlabbatch{1} = {[sub_folder,'r',sub,'_T1.nii,1']};
matlabbatch{1} = 0.001;
matlabbatch{1} = 60;
matlabbatch{1} = [0 0];
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