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NLP project ideas:
I found this paper, which seems to be what I was proposing! Labeling clinical notes to map the ICD codes (Multi-label text classification)
Another article used the same data set MIMIC-III to evaluate the ICD9 code assignment of RNNs and CNNs.
GitHub seems to provide code and cleaned data sets.
This one used a different dataset to assign ICD-10 code with BERTS:
Link to data:
Using the resources from the GitHub project to assign ICD9 code using different multi-label text classification models
Is it possible to optimize their models?
Prediction models using the ICD9 codes with covariates (insurance type, gender*, ethnicity, marital status, admission type) to see what are the top ICD codes that are associated with prolonged length of stay.
Compare the prediction models of different multi-label text classification models, and see if the results are agreed across models
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