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* Run a container in HPC with the conversion of Docker image to Singularity.
## Run a basic RStudio image from Rocker
## Run a basic RStudio container from Rocker
To `run` a container image from Rocker present in Docker Hub, the first concept you should pay attention to is "Tags". For example, for the rstudio docker hub repository (, you will should note the "Tags" tab which determines version of the Docker image present in the repository. In the case of `rocker/rstudio` repository, the tag is linked to the R version the container will ultimately run. Thus, for instance, `rocker/rstudio:3.6.3` will run a container with R version 3.6.3. For more information on Rocker version tags see: and
......@@ -169,4 +169,4 @@ docker run -d --rm -p 8787:8787 -e PASSWORD=NBI -v `pwd`/dir_for_mounting:/home/
## [Continue tutorial to Part 2 - containers with Bioconductor dependencies](
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## [Continue tutorial to Part 2 - containers with Bioconductor dependencies](
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