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......@@ -67,3 +67,25 @@ docker run -d --rm -p 8787:8787 -e PASSWORD=NBI -v `pwd`/dir_for_mounting:/home/
The RStudio session is now available at `localhost:8787`
<img src="bioconductor_rstudio_deseq2.png" align="center" width="850px" />
## Pushing images to Docker Hub
To easily share your images with others, use [Docker Hub]( as the registry to distribute publish images. I recommend to read [Part 3 of the Docker Getting Started documentation]( if you have not done so, but we will briefly cover the steps to publish the Bioconductor image which was just created:
1. Create a repository in Docker Hub by navigating to "Repositories > Create". Provide a name and click "Create".
Note that images must be namespaced correctly to be shared in Docker Hub following: `<Your Docker ID>/<Repository Name>:<tag>`
2. Tag and push the image:
docker tag rstudio_deseq2:3.10 <Your Docker ID>/rstudio_deseq2:3.10
docker push <Your Docker ID>/rstudio_deseq2:3.10
3. Add any documentation necessary in the README section under "Manage Repository".
The same container we created in this session is available at:
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