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Updated troubleshooting R with rstudio > 4.0.0

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## Troubleshooting tips:
### Using images linked to R > 4.0.0 with RStudio
If you are using an image such as `rocker/rstudio:4.0.4`, it's necessary to `--bind` the following (a process documented in rocker's website:
singularity pull docker://rocker/rstudio:4.0.4
mkdir -p run var-lib-rstudio-server
printf 'provider=sqlite\ndirectory=/var/lib/rstudio-server\n' > database.conf
singularity exec --bind run:/run,var-lib-rstudio-server:/var/lib/rstudio-server,database.conf:/etc/rstudio/database.conf rstudio_4.0.4.sif rserver --www-address=
Not doing so, will cause the following error:
ERROR database error 7 (sqlite3_statement_backend::loadOne: attempt to write a readonly database) [description: Could not delete expired revoked cookies from the database, description: Could not read revoked cookies from the database]; OCCURRED AT virtual rstudio::core::Error rstudio::core::database::Connection::execute(rstudio::core::database::Query&, bool*) src/cpp/core/Database.cpp:510; LOGGED FROM: int main(int, char* const*) src/cpp/server/ServerMain.cpp:763
### Additional tips:
1. If you come across the following error:
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