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This page contains bash and R code, as well as SeqMonk workflow information, for the enhancer identification pipeline used in "Enhancer RNAs predict enhancer-gene regulatory links and are critical for enhancer function in neuronal systems"
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## **General Enhancer Identification Workflow**
The diagram below outlines a general workflow for the identifcation of enhancers. Code corresponding to each step can be found within the repository.
## **Study design**
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## **Citation**
Savell, K.E.*, Tuscher, J.J.*, Zipperly, M.E.*, Duke, C.G.*, Phillips III, R.A.*, Bauman, A.J., Thukral, S., Sultan, F.A., Goska, N.A., Ianov, L., & Day, J.J. (2020). A dopamine-induced gene expression signature regulates neuronal function and cocaine response. *Science Advances* 6(26): eaba4221.
## **Links**
All Day lab resources may be found at the [Day Lab website](
[Ratlas Shiny App](
[Published manuscript](
[BioRxiv preprint](
[BioRxiv preprint](
## **Raw data**
Primary striatal neuron culture snRNA-seq - GEO accession [GSE137759](
Adult NAc snRNA-seq - GEO accession [GSE137763](
## **Source code**
Will be added once deposited on GEO
[Manifold Enhancement of Latent Dimensions (MELD)](
[Seurat v3](
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