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......@@ -360,7 +360,7 @@ for(i in names(Cluster_Lists)){
#Create a data.frame where the rownames are the cells within the clusters <- data.frame(row.names = c(WhichCells(object = VTA_subset,idents = i),
WhichCells(object = VTA_subset,idents = as.character(unique(Idents(VTA_subset))[which(unique(Idents(VTA_subset))!=i)]))))
#Create a group column where cocaine is Group1 and saline is group2. The way to do that is to search the rows names for Cocaine and Saline cell identities
#Create a group column where cell type of interest is Group1 and all other cells are group2.[WhichCells(object = VTA_subset,idents = i), "group"] <- "Group1"[WhichCells(object = VTA_subset,idents = as.character(unique(Idents(VTA_subset))[which(unique(Idents(VTA_subset))!=i)])), "group"] <- "Group2"
#Make the group column a factor so it can be tested with the wilcox
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