Commit 392af222 authored by John-Paul Robinson's avatar John-Paul Robinson
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Merge branch 'compute-control'

Rebase changes from earlier ohpc_vagrant repo to create and control
compute nodes in virtualbox.
parents 398c7b2a 97cf9a92
# Create a network bootable compute node in virtualbox
# use native VBoxManage because Vagrant doesn't work
# well with nodes that are meant to boot off the network.
# node is constrained to boot on the internal "compute" network
VBoxManage createvm --name "$nodename" --register
VBoxManage modifyvm "$nodename" --memory 4096 --nic1 intnet --intnet1 compute --nictype1=82540EM --rtcuseutc on
VBoxManage storagectl "$nodename" --name IDE --add ide --controller PIIX4 --bootable on
VBoxManage storageattach "$nodename" --storagectl IDE --type dvddrive --device 0 --port 1 --medium ~/iso/ipxe.iso
# Destroy the compute node for ohpc
VBoxManage unregistervm --delete "$1"
# start the compute node for ohpc
VBoxManage startvm "$1"
# Stop the compute node for ohpc
VBoxManage controlvm "$1" poweroff
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