Commit 68914906 authored by John-Paul Robinson's avatar John-Paul Robinson
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Update to latest CRI_XSEDE commit for uab-dev

* Support use of CentOS maintained Vagrant boxes (kernel and interface name changes)
* Fix broken cluster interactive desktop on OOD due to broken slurm-17.11.10
in OHPC 1.3.6 from November 2018 by replacing with slurm-17.11.11
* Refactor OOD roles to separate one-time setup from ops-like tasks
* Fix compute image support for http proxy port selection (nc)
* Enable EasyBuild install for applications testing
parent 6ee66790
Subproject commit b573e3005f665383d2d5e57ca39a0b133cf99a9f
Subproject commit beabc72bb5f1fe1ea41b9b2fe4c080bec837d286
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