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Add instructions for using compute node helper scripts

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......@@ -35,4 +35,30 @@ vagrant up
The ansible config will bring the master node to the point where its
ready to ingest compute nodes via wwnodescan and prompt to you
start a compute node.
start a compute node. You can create a compute node and start it with
the helper scripts:
Create node c0 (choose whatever name makes sense, c0 matches the config):
compute_create c0
When prompted start node c0:
compute_start c0
If you want to stop the node:
compute_stop c0
If you want to get rid of the compute node VM:
compute_destroy c0
Note, the compute scripts work directly with the VirtualBox hypervisor. The
machine created is a basic, lightweight diskless compute node the boots
via iPXE from the OpenHPC master. You may need to adjust the path to the
ipxe.iso in compute_create to match your local environment.
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