Commit 100629b6 authored by Ravi Tripathi's avatar Ravi Tripathi
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Merge branch 'feat-updated-by' into 'master'

Added updated_by field

See merge request rc/self-reg-form!36
parents d41d88b2 0585cd18
......@@ -90,11 +90,13 @@ def celery_certify_account(json, session):
email= json['email']
fullname= json['fullname']
queuename= rc_util.encode_name(username)
updated_by= f'{username}'
host= vars.app_host
print("CERTIFY : "+time.strftime("%m-%d-%Y_%H:%M:%S") + '\tUser ' + username + ' added to queue')
send_msg('certifying account', room)
rc_util.certify_account(username, queuename, 'ok', 'all')
rc_util.certify_account(username, queuename, 'ok', 'all', updated_by, host)
print('sent account info')
print('Waiting for certification...')
rc_util.consume(queuename, routing_key=f'certified.{queuename}', callback=certify_gen_f(room))
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