Commit 16b3fc1c authored by Krish Moodbidri's avatar Krish Moodbidri
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1. added aup flag to json object

2. added new function check() to enable/disable submit button based on status of checkbox
parent 9656a061
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var check_counter =0;
function check() {
var submitButton = document.getElementById("submit");
submitButton.disabled = false;
if ((check_counter+=1)%2) submitButton.disabled = false;
else submitButton.disabled = true;
function displayloading1() {
......@@ -17,7 +19,8 @@ function request_account() {
fullname: document.getElementById("fullname").value,
email: document.getElementById("email").value,
reason: document.getElementById("reason").value,
username: document.getElementById("username").value
username: document.getElementById("username").value,
aup: 1
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