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added linting and added code to re-render the web-page

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......@@ -21,6 +21,15 @@ function refresh() {
function myFunction(msg) {
document.getElementById("form-wrapper").innerHTML = "<br> <h1> <strong>Error!</strong> A problem occurred while creating your account </h1> <h3> contact <a href = 'mailto:'>Research Computing team</a> to report this </h3>"
document.getElementById("form-wrapper").innerHTML += msg;
function myFunction1() {
var myobj = document.getElementById("demo");
document.getElementById('form-wrapper').innerHTML = "<br> <h1> <strong>Account create cancelled</strong> Close the browser tab to end this session </h1> <h3> contact <a href = 'mailto:'>Research Computing team</a> for any questions</h3>"}
function autofill_form(username, fullname, email) {
let username_input = document.getElementById("username");
let fullname_input = document.getElementById("fullname");
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