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Added good_standing_message to

Send this message to page good_standing.html if account in ok state
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......@@ -60,8 +60,8 @@ def create_app(config_name):
referrer=session['return_url'], cancel_url=vars.default_referrer,
cancel_msg=messages.cancel_message, certification_message=messages.certification_message)
if rc_util.check_state(session['user'].get('username')) == "ok":
return render_template('account/landing.html')
elif rc_util.check_state(session['user'].get('username')) == "ok":
return render_template('account/good_standing.html', good_standing_msg= messages.good_standing_message)
return render_template('auth/SignUp.html', room_id=session['uid'],
......@@ -3,3 +3,4 @@ cancel_message = "Close current tab to end session.<br>Contact <a href="'mailto:
error_message = "An error occurred while creating your account. Research Computing team has been notified and is working on fixing it.<br>Contact <a href=''>Research Computing</a> if you have any questions."
certification_message = "Welcome back to the UAB Research Computing services page.<br>We are asking for researchers to recertify their accounts annually so that we'll know who is still actively using the systems. <br>Fill out the form below and hit the Certify Account button when you are done."
unauthorized_message = "Your UAB Research Computing account is currently on hold.<br>Accounts are put on hold if there are changes with UAB affiliation or if there is an issue on one of the platforms.<br>Please reach out to <a href="''">Research Computing</a> or attend the weekly office hours and we'll work with you to clear your account."
good_standing_message= "Your account is in good standing. Click <a href=>here</a> to proceed to dashboard"
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