1. 06 Apr, 2021 1 commit
  2. 02 Apr, 2021 2 commits
  3. 06 Oct, 2020 4 commits
  4. 05 Oct, 2020 2 commits
  5. 02 Oct, 2020 11 commits
  6. 01 Oct, 2020 1 commit
  7. 19 Aug, 2020 1 commit
  8. 19 May, 2020 1 commit
  9. 18 May, 2020 1 commit
  10. 14 May, 2020 2 commits
  11. 01 May, 2020 14 commits
    • Krish Moodbidri's avatar
      Removed credentials from file · f0f1d300
      Krish Moodbidri authored
    • Mitchell Moore's avatar
    • Krish Moodbidri's avatar
      Added a variable file to be used by flask and celery · 9c756ddd
      Krish Moodbidri authored
      - Added vars file to be used by run.py and tasks.py
      - Fixed type Key to key
      - Added username and password as variables
      - Removed print statemt
      - Fix variable mismatch
    • Bo-Chun Chen's avatar
      Added Bootstrap javascript support, made changes to the UI, altered wait message · 633397ce
      Bo-Chun Chen authored
      - Add Bootstrap javascript support
      - Move footer section into body
      - Add Bootstrap modal in template
      - Call modal show in displayloading function
      - Remove notification window
      - Hide Bootstrap modal after account's ready
      - Alter wait message
    • Mitchell Moore's avatar
      Update README.md · 66c2295d
      Mitchell Moore authored
    • Bo-Chun Chen's avatar
      Fixed CSS styling changes in font file. Updated URL to static files · 1cd45c9c
      Bo-Chun Chen authored
      - Update url for font file in css
      - Font path in css is relative to css file itself, since we put them in the same folder, should be able to use just filename
      - Remove duplicate line
      - Update URL to static files
      - Instead of hard-coded it,
         use `url_for`, function provided by flask, to generate the url
    • Mitchell Moore's avatar
      Fixed variable in run.py. Updated Readme · 39dbcc97
      Mitchell Moore authored
      - Fix var in run.py
      - add image resource
      - Update readme
      - Remove old diagram
    • Ravi Tripathi's avatar
      On client connecting, emit join_room, added function to send socketio message... · 3d89ed5e
      Ravi Tripathi authored
      On client connecting, emit join_room, added function to send socketio message to client, matched socketio message_queueu to the flask. Added join_room function to recieve new connections
      - Added commented out sections to tasks for future use
      - Commenting out socketio emit before calling celery task
      - modify the message_queue in socketio app
      - Add a new function to send socketio messages to the client, and change the socketio message_queue to match the one from flask app
      - Remove username value added, as well as the parameter username passed in render_template
      - On connecting, send emit fuction to join_roon
      - Adding on_room fuction taht gets triggered when connection is made, and we need to join a room for the communcation to take place between client and server
      - Removing unused functions and commented out lines
    • Mitchell Moore's avatar
      Implemented celery to communicate with rabbitmq. Capture username and blazerid... · 742bda69
      Mitchell Moore authored
      Implemented celery to communicate with rabbitmq. Capture username and blazerid to create accoutn and send vis tasks.py (celery)
      - Make unique test username for debugging
      - Trim requirements.txt
      - Begin celery implementation and call
      - Finish minor celery implementation
      - Fix variable mixup. Log Room ID to client console
      - Adding a process to start account creation process by calling flask_producer script
      - Sending a message to the client webapp to start layover before starting celery task
      - Adding another field to the form to capture username to create account with
      - Capturing the value of username(Blazerid) field
      - Remove unused base_consumer.py and test_producer.py scripts
    • Mitchell Moore's avatar
      Implement rabbitmq calls to producer scripts. Check for account creation, remove sleep function · 0e7cc949
      Mitchell Moore authored
      - Duplicate producer code for in app testing
      - Implement rabbitmq calls option/script call option
      - Clean whitespace
      - Create placeholder functions for acct. creation. Remove producer
      - Check for creation
      - Remove sleep in creation. Define goals for confirm function
      - Fix variable convention
      - Update requirements.txt
      - Include asyncronous delay. Remove old validate method. Add rough global username exchange
      - Fix tabs and remove validate create
      - Fix logo resizing issue
      - Create unique session id and log to consile
    • Mitchell Moore's avatar
      Created a base_consumer script to test out procucer calls from flask run.py. ... · 521a7486
      Mitchell Moore authored
      Created a base_consumer script to test out procucer calls from flask run.py.  Updated Readme and requiremnts
      - Add base consumer script
      - Update comment
      - Create multiple consumer files
      - add basic ood consumer
      - add basic ohpc consumer
      - add basic manager consumer/remove sys imports
      - complete base producer for ohpc/ood
      - Update readme
      - Fix readme format
      - Add supervisor to requirements
      - Add comments and display routing to manager
      - Link tutorial in README
      - Quick update with consumers
      - Allow robust command line args
      - Fix connection parameters for cluster
      - Update README.md
    • Mitchell Moore's avatar
      Basic RabbitMQ implementation · 6a84c663
      Mitchell Moore authored
      Add rough Todo comments for RabbitMQ implementation
      Update requirements
      Add tutorial code with routing capability
      Remove unnecessary imports
    • Mitchell Moore's avatar
      add timestamps to server logs · 9b66e0dc
      Mitchell Moore authored
    • Mitchell Moore's avatar
      Add detection of account creation, remove overlay and clear text when response... · 4c044deb
      Mitchell Moore authored
      Add detection of account creation, remove overlay and clear text when response recieved by Signup. Remove Jinja references and form in __init__.py
      - Fix error output
      - Remove page return
      - Remove Jinja references and form in __init__.py
      - Get basic form data passed
      - Clear text when response recieved
      - Create directory and pass username variable
      - Create refresh page function. Implement error handeling
      - Add detection of account creation
      - Remove overlay when creation succeeded