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# Terraform Openstack
Right now, this will create:
This will create:
dmznet and dmzsubnet
......@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ a floating ip address, and an instance coming off of dmznet
clusternet off of dmznet instance
eill connect instance to ood through ohpc and download software
Make a new directory for Terraform:
......@@ -26,15 +27,25 @@ Unzip the file and make a path to your new directory:
`$cp $HOME/Downloads/terraform_0.6.16_linux_amd64/terraform $TERRAFORM_DIR`
Download RC File from Openstack(V3) and save it in your terraform-first-instance directory.
Create a new application credintial in Openstack:
In Openstack, go to Identity - Application Credentials
Click "Create Application Credential"
Name the credential and add a description(Leave the rest blank. It is important not to add an expiration date.)
Open the credential rc file you have created, and change all OS_ to TF_. This will allow terraform to read and use these values.
Save the credential in your terraform-first-instance directory.
Clone this repo into your terraform-first-instance directory:
`$git clone`
`$git clone --recursive`
Source the rc file and initialize terraform:
Source the credential rc file and initialize terraform:
`$cd terraform-openstack`
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