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......@@ -33,23 +33,20 @@ will connect instance to ood through ohpc and download software
- Click "**Create Application Credential**"
- Name the credential and add a description (Leave the rest blank. It is important not to add an expiration date.)
- Name the credential, add a description, and check the box making it unrestricted (Leave the rest blank. It is important not to add an expiration date.)
- Open the credential rc file you have created, and change all OS_ to TF_. This will allow terraform to read and use these values.
- Download the credentials as an RC file.
- Save the credential in your terraform-first-instance directory.
- Edit variables in credentials RC file to TF_ from OS_. Everything else stays the same.
- Save credentials RC file in your terraform-first-instance directory.
- Download RC File from Openstack(V3) and save it in your terraform-first-instance directory.
### Clone this repo into your terraform-first-instance directory using:
- `$git clone --recursive`
### Source the openrc file and enter your password for openstack (you will only need to do this the very first time) using:
### Source the credential rc file and initialize terraform:
### Source the RC file and initialize terraform:
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