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Update Matlab Install and Activate

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## MATLAB install
### On OHPC node:
## Prerequisites
This Batch Connect app requires the following software be installed on the **compute nodes** that the batch job is intended to run on (**NOT** the
OnDemand node):
- [MATLAB] R2016b+
You could download by running the command below (Make sure to read for detailed explanation **and to validate the UAB license**)
ssh cat /data/user/krish94/matlab-install.tar.gz | tar -xzf -
- [Xfce Desktop] 4+
For VNC server support:
- [TurboVNC] 2.1+
- [websockify] 0.8.0+
For hardware rendering support:
- [X server]
- [VirtualGL] 2.3+
**Optional** software:
- [Lmod] 6.0.1+ or any other `module purge` and `module load <modules>` based
CLI used to load appropriate environments within the batch job
[Xfce Desktop]:
[X server]:
## Install
Use git to clone this app and checkout the desired branch/version you want to
scl enable git19 -- git clone
cd <dir>
scl enable git19 -- git checkout <tag/branch>
### On OOD node:
- Modify to fit our environment
# diff of /var/www/ood/apps/sys/bc_osc_matlab/submit.yml.erb
-cluster: "owens"
+cluster: "ohpc"
# diff of /var/www/ood/apps/sys/submit.yml.erb
- template: "basic"
+ template: vnc
## MATLAB install
Create a MATLAB tarball and upload it to a host. Include the download path to the variable matlab_download_url in group_vars/all
I've created the tarball from our supercomputer cheaha and hosted it on box
## MATLAB activation
Activate MATLAB by signing in to
- Select License Label Individual
- Install and Activate
- Activate to Retrieve License File
- Activate a Computer
- Select appropriate Release and Operating System from drop down menu
- Enter Host ID of the machine ```ifconfig en0 | grep ether```
- Computer Login Name: end user username
- Activation Label: Optional/Same as Computer Login Name
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