Commit dc9f82cb authored by Mitchell Moore's avatar Mitchell Moore Committed by Krish Moodbidri
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Fix variable mismatch

parent cd0cc98c
...@@ -34,10 +34,10 @@ def on_room(): ...@@ -34,10 +34,10 @@ def on_room():
@socketio.on('request account') @socketio.on('request account')
def request_account(json, methods=['GET', 'POST']): def request_account(json, methods=['GET', 'POST']):
print (time.strftime("%m-%d-%Y_%H:%M:%S") + '\tQueue request received: ' + str(json)) print (time.strftime("%m-%d-%Y_%H:%M:%S") + '\tQueue request received: ' + str(json))
sid = str(session['uid']) room = str(session['uid'])
print("Room: {}".format(sid)) print("Room: {}".format(room))
try: try:
tasks.celery_create_account.delay(json['username'], json['fullname'], json['reason'], session=sid) tasks.celery_create_account.delay(json['username'], json['fullname'], json['reason'], session=room)
except Exception as e: except Exception as e:
print(time.strftime("%m-%d-%Y_%H:%M:%S") + "\tError in account creation: ", e) print(time.strftime("%m-%d-%Y_%H:%M:%S") + "\tError in account creation: ", e)
socketio.emit("Account creation failed", room) socketio.emit("Account creation failed", room)
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