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import logging
import argparse
from rc_rmq import RCRMQ
import json
rc_rmq = RCRMQ({'exchange': 'RegUsr', 'exchange_type': 'topic'})
tasks = {'ohpc_account': None, 'ood_account': None, 'slurm_account': None}
logger_fmt = '%(asctime)s [%(module)s] - %(message)s'
def add_account(username, email, full='', reason=''):
'routing_key': 'request.' + username,
'msg': {
"username": username,
"email": email,
"fullname": full,
"reason": reason
def worker(ch, method, properties, body):
msg = json.loads(body)
task = msg['task']
tasks[task] = msg['success']
print("Got msg: {}({})".format(msg['task'], msg['success']))
# Check if all tasks are done
done = True
for key, status in tasks.items():
if not status:
print("{} is not done yet.".format(key))
done = False
if done:
def consume(username, callback=worker, debug=False):
if debug:
'queue': username,
'routing_key': 'confirm.' + username,
'cb': callback
return { 'success' : True }
def get_args():
# Parse arguments
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('-v', '--verbose', action='store_true', help='verbose output')
parser.add_argument('-n', '--dry-run', action='store_true', help='enable dry run mode')
return parser.parse_args()
def get_logger(args=None):
if args is None:
args = get_args()
logger_lvl = logging.WARNING
if args.verbose:
logger_lvl = logging.DEBUG
if args.dry_run:
logger_lvl = logging.INFO
logging.basicConfig(format=logger_fmt, level=logger_lvl)
return logging.getLogger(__name__)
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