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......@@ -29,6 +29,11 @@ cluster with vagrant:
vagrant up ohpc
NOTE: After you run the above command if you were to get a `"kernel mismatch error"`. To get past this error please run:
`vagrant ssh ohpc -c "uname -r"`.
Copy and paste this kernel version in the group_vars/all to update the kernel version in the `build_kernel_ver` variable.
The ansible config will bring the master node to the point where its
ready to ingest compute nodes via wwnodescan and prompt to you
start a compute node. You can create a compute node and start it with
......@@ -108,3 +113,12 @@ After this point you can connect to the web ui of the ood node, typically via
The default user name and password for the web UI is 'vagrant'.
## Issues and Work arounds
If you encounter an issue with OHPC node provisioning due to GPG key errors as mentioned in Please run the following command:
vagrant box update
If you encounter an issue with nodes_vivify role in updating the slurm status on nodes, specifically the error `slurm_update error: Invalid node state specified`. Please increase the compute node memory. For example if you're using 4GB already increase the memory to 6GB in your Virtual Box.
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