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Adding some missing steps to `registering runner` section.

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......@@ -115,6 +115,41 @@ Please enter the executor: ssh, docker+machine, docker-ssh+machine, kubernetes,
7) SSH server address: (Use the 192.x.x.x IP address)
Please enter the SSH server address (e.g.
8) Server port:
Please enter the SSH server port (e.g. 22):
9) SSH user (in this case centos, but if you build it on ubuntu image, then user would be ubuntu):
Please enter the SSH user (e.g. root):
10) SSH password (leave blank):
Please enter the SSH password (e.g.
11) Path to SSH identity file:
Please enter path to SSH identity file (e.g. /home/user/.ssh/id_rsa):
You should have successfully registered at this point:
Runner registered successfully. Feel free to start it, but if it's running already the config should be automatically reloaded!
## Add packer on the runner VM:
1) Add packer:
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