1. 03 Dec, 2022 4 commits
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  3. 29 Aug, 2022 5 commits
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      Update policy action to yes to trigger proper script calling · d7c9d7e3
      John-Paul Robinson authored
      The external script will be called with TEST parameter if the
      policy is executed in test or prepare mode.
      It will only get the LIST files to concat the ouput when the policy
      is fully executed.
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      Create a base implementation of parsable files · 741ae650
      John-Paul Robinson authored
      The policy file has both a LIST generation rule and a EXTERNAL LIST
      consumer rule.  It uses the ESCAPE term to URL encode the ouput
      generated by the LIST.
      The external target script simply concats LIST files sent to it.
      The mmapplypolicy command adds an additonal variable JOBID to
      allow that to be passed as an OPT to the external script.
      This let's us distinguish the ouput of one job from the next.
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      Fix ambigous policy output renaming · c59e637d
      John-Paul Robinson authored
      The mmpolicyapply list output file naming is not well documented.
      Add job-specific subdir for global and scratch paths to isolate
      expected files from a job.
      Rename final tagged result and move it to the provided global
      output dir and clean up the temporary dir after file completes.
      Include potential for no output if there are zero matches.
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      Add policy to limit file search to specific path in the file systems · e145fb8f
      John-Paul Robinson authored
      The FILEPATH variable limits included files to only the provided
      variable to the policy.
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      Add FILEPATH var to pass to policy scripts · 7950f920
      John-Paul Robinson authored
      Add variable arg to mmapplypol to pass the filesystem path as FILEPATH.
      The supports policies that want to use this variable in their rules
      or other parts of the policy file.
      It is a strict string substitution.
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