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Remove u+200b

parent 6917b714
import rabbit_config as rcfg
Info_url = ''
Loginwiki_url = ''
Quickstart_url = ''
......@@ -9,29 +9,29 @@ Hpcannounce_email = 'HPC-ANNOUNCE@LISTSERV.UAB.EDU'
Signature = 'UAB IT Research Computing'
Helpdesk_url = '' # Once we get a real helpdesk, change to URL instead of email
Head = f"""From: {rcfg.Sender_alias} <{rcfg.Sender}>
To: <{{{{ to }}}}>
Reply-to: {rcfg.Support_email}
BCC: {rcfg.Admin_email}
Subject: {rcfg.Subject}
Body = f"""
Your account has been created on the Cheaha Super Computer
User ID: {{{{ username }}}}
Important: You are responsible for backing up your files on Cheaha! The following storage locations are available:
* $HOME - /home/$USER - 20G quota per user
* $USER_DATA - /data/user/$USER - 5TB quota per user
* $USER_SCRATCH - /data/scratch/$USER - 500TB shared amongst ALL users
DO NOT compute out of $HOME, all computation must be done on the fast storage that is $USER_DATA and $USER_SCRATCH
Please read the information available on our Wiki pages, especially the Cheaha Quick Start:
Cheaha Quick Start
Additional Cluster Login Instructions
......@@ -40,11 +40,11 @@ Job Queuing information and examples
General information about Cheaha
If you encounter a problem or have any questions, please send a detailed email to: {Support_email}
Open Office Hours:
Visual Brain Core, Mondays 10 AM to Noon:
RC Open Office Hours Wednesdays 1 to 3 PM:
RC Open Office Hours Thursdays 10 AM to Noon:
......@@ -57,9 +57,9 @@ Regards,
Whole_mail = Head + Body
UserReportHead = f"""From: {rcfg.Sender_alias} <{rcfg.Sender}>
To: <{rcfg.Admin_email}>
Subject: RC Account Creation Report: {{{{ fullname }}}}, {{{{ username }}}} """
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