Commit 5c06809c authored by Ravi Tripathi's avatar Ravi Tripathi
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Merge branch 'fix-redir-issue' into 'master'

Fixed redir issue

See merge request !13
parents 5551bef2 c713c43d
......@@ -40,13 +40,7 @@ def create_app(config_name):
if 'user' not in session:
session["user"] = get_authorized_user()
if "redir" in request.args and 'return_url' not in session: # check for redir arg in url
session['return_url'] = request.args.get("redir")
elif "redir" not in request.args and 'return_url' not in session:
session['return_url'] = vars.default_referrer
session['return_url'] = request.referrer
session['return_url'] = request.args.get('redir', vars.default_referrer)
return render_template('auth/SignUp.html', room_id=session['uid'],
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