1. 01 May, 2020 3 commits
    • Ishan Patel's avatar
      Created temp dir for fb to store user data info. Fixed timestamp format · 267fde3a
      Ishan Patel authored and Mitchell Moore's avatar Mitchell Moore committed
      - Created temp_path for db
      - Code cleanup- fixed whitespaces
      - Fixed time_stamp format
      - Added-mkdir-function
    • Mitchell Moore's avatar
      Added timestamp to file output & basic code cleanup · c9fec8d8
      Mitchell Moore authored
      - Remove temp functionality/replace loading visibility logic
      - Remove 5 second pause
      - Added fileput with timestamp
    • Mitchell Moore's avatar
      Added test scripts to check redir and test outputs. Added overlay on account... · 16a7dcc0
      Mitchell Moore authored
      Added test scripts to check redir and test outputs. Added overlay on account request submiission. Basic CSS changes.
      - Added testing script to utilize 'testing' config.
      - (fix) fix src file reference
      - Semantic fix for route order
      - Semantic fix for variable name/position.
      - (fix) indexing fix for redir args and test output.
      - (fix) issue with icons not showing
      - (fix) variable reference of fullname to success page.
      - Clean up readme typos and make it more concise.
      - Feat check account existence
      - Added base.html to inherit form values from Signup.html
      - Clean up code to function properly
      - add 'validators' dependency
      - fix fullname reference in submit statement
      - Fix default title error
      - fix routing logic in index
      - remove dev comments
      - Fix falure logic routing and edit error message
      - Apply css formatting to jinja elements and fix form size issues
      - Reintroduce form label/instruction
      - Produce overlay window with text from jobcomposer tutorial
      - add temporary functionality to call window for testing
      - replace next and escape button with loading.gif
      - Edited text formating/content of notification window
      - Refactor gif to center
  2. 24 Apr, 2020 4 commits