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# File: playbook.yml
# Type: playbook
# @cli vagrant destroy; vagrant up; rm -rf fetched/*
# @cli ansible-playbook -i vagrant_inventory playbook.yml
- name: Set global facts
hosts: all
tags: always
- debug: msg="System hostname is {{ ansible_hostname }}"
- set_fact: docker={{ ansible_virtualization_type is defined and ansible_virtualization_type == 'docker' and ansible_virtualization_role == 'guest' }}
- set_fact: ansible_fetched_base=fetched/{{ group_names[0] | default('') }}/{{ inventory_hostname }}
- name: Execute playbook
hosts: all
become: yes
- role: ansible/setup
tags: ansible_setup
- role: ansible/facts
tags: ansible_facts
- role: system/docker
tags: system_docker
- role: system/boot
tags: system_boot
- role: system/sudo
tags: system_sudo
- role: system/ssh
tags: system_ssh
- role: system/apt
tags: system_apt
- role: system/ufw
tags: system_ufw
- role: system/ntp
tags: system_ntp
- role: system/td-agent
tags: system_td-agent
- role: system/fail2ban
tags: system_fail2ban
- role: system/mediainfo
tags: system_mediainfo
- role: system/clamav
tags: system_clamav
- role: system/kaspersky
tags: system_kaspersky
- role: system/apcups
tags: system_apcups
- role: system/journald
tags: system_journald
- role: system/metricbeat
tags: system_metricbeat
- role: system/packetbeat
tags: system_packetbeat
- role: system/graphics
tags: system_graphics
- role: database/beanstalkd
tags: database_beanstalkd
- role: database/mysql
tags: database_mysql
- role: database/mongodb
tags: database_mongodb
- role: database/redis
tags: database_redis
- role: web/apache2
tags: web_apache2
- role: web/nginx
tags: web_nginx
- role: web/nodejs
tags: web_nodejs
- role: web/php5
tags: web_php5
- role: web/varnish
tags: web_varnish
- role: networking/transmission
tags: networking_transmission
- role: networking/openvpn
tags: networking_openvpn
- role: networking/avahi
tags: networking_avahi
- role: networking/btsync
tags: networking_btsync
- role: networking/cntlm
tags: networking_cntlm
- role: networking/resolvconf
tags: networking_resolvconf
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