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- hosts: headnode
- {role: pre_ohpc, tags: pre_ohpc}
- {role: ohpc_install, tags: ohpc_install}
- {role: ohpc_config, tags: ohpc_config}
- {role: compute_build_vnfs, tags: compute_build_vnfs}
- {role: gpu_build_vnfs, tags: gpu_build_vnfs}
- {role: login_build_vnfs, tags: login_build_vnfs}
- {role: compute_build_nodes, tags: compute_build_nodes}
- {role: gpu_build_nodes, tags: gpu_build_nodes}
- {role: login_build_nodes, tags: login_build_nodes}
- {role: viz_build_nodes, tags: viz_build_nodes}
- {role: nodes_vivify, tags: nodes_vivify}
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