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Feat capture transfer data

Mitchell Moore requested to merge feat-capture-transfer-data into master

Created by: mmoo97

  • Add integration of command line arguments and flags
  • Add ability to remove the transferred datasets from the destination endpoint and the source endpoint write directory
  • Ability to authenticate using the webauth and get a refresh token for future use of the script.
  • Ability to use a refresh token and not having to use a link to the browser for authentication.
  • Limited functionality to submit all dataset transfer tasks at once in one batch (output for batch transfers not yet supported)
  • Outputs transfer results to a .csv with the initialization data and time as the filename (format: "%m-%d-%Y_%Hh%Mm%Ss").
  • Remove support for the file.
  • Overall antiquate the DTN Jupyter Notebook for the purpose of data collection.

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