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Feat module refactor

Add module router

name - (required) name of the router
subnet - (required) ID of the subnet as inbound of router
gateway - (required) ID of the network as outbound of router
admin_state - (optional) admin state of the router

id - ID of the router

Add module network

name - (required) name of the network
cidr - (required) define ip range of network

admin_state_up - (optional) admin state of the network
enable_dhcp - (optional) enable DHCP of the network
nameservers - (optional) List of DNS server for the network

id - ID of the network
subnet - ID of its subnet

Add module box

key_pair - (required) key pair name injected into instance
image_name - (required) image name to boot up instance
box_name - (required) name of instance
box_nets - (required) list of network object including id(net_id) and desired ip(ip_v4).

amount - (optional) amount of instance
  if greater than 1, will append index to the box name
  e.g. name: c, amount: 2 => c0, c1
box_size - (optional) flavor of instance. default to m1.medium
user_data - (optional) user_data used to config instance at boot time
floating_ip_pool - (optional) floating ip pool name. Won't attach floating ip if not passing in.

id - List of ID of instance(s)
image_id - ID of image that is used to launch the instance
network - Map of nodename to its network(s)
cpus - Number of vcpu in the instance
mem - Memory size of the instance
floating_ip - Map of nodename to its floating ip, if assigned

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